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We should not mind how great the pressure is—
only where the pressure lies. Hudson Taylor.

 Dearest friends and partners of Saint Ministries,

The year is picking up full speed, and soon will be over before we realize it!! Time for a mid-year reflection! I read Hudson Taylor’s biography this month, and it is amazing how sacrificial and dedicated the missionaries of those times were…months of traveling, sickness, delay in communication, death…but so committed to serving the Lord at all cost…makes one wonder where our “pressure” lies today…in just being busy, or in searching and doing the will of God? Hudson Taylor marked a difference (and a great controversy at his time) by dressing and shaving his head like a Chinaman…only to be closer to those he yearned to evangelize. With a reduced income, with no computers, with poor communication, sickness, war, incredible difficulties, he made one of the greatest evangelistic efforts in history. Time is running shorter and shorter, and we have a great responsibility as Christians, each of us in our place.

I am including photos of three special activities…the first one belongs to part of the sign language class, where you can see our Sebastian (12) the second from the right, a very fast learner!! Gladys, the teacher, also has a home group she started this year with a group of about 10 deaf and/or mute people, a real challenge with their social and cultural isolation. When they visit our meetings, I love watching Gladys translate the worship, the preaching with such love for these people!

The next photos belong to two activities with children, one with an AG missionary couple who has a ministry for children and helped us out, and the other with the Samaritan’s Purse boxes…you can see the faces of the kids opening their boxes! We have started a home group in the outskirts of the city, and we have begun with a children’s ministry. Even the local priest showed up to say hi!

And then, as I wrote before, we are preparing for the visit of the international team of Focus on the Family, who will be dealing with such tough issues such abortion, cloning and same sex marriage. We are organizing a series of activities for teachers, for pastors and leaders, and for the general Christian public in October. Pray for us, this is an especially large challenge for us, and the message needs to reach Argentine Christians in the first place.
As a family, we have been making some repairs on our new (but old) home…having the sewers replaced (the original ones were made of clay!), and patching up an assortment of things on the house. We need to get new kitchen cabinets…But we so enjoy being close to church, walking back and forth with the many activities we have during the week…

So…keep us in your prayers, as I know you do!!
Many blessings for you all!

Evelyn Saint Jimenez
Gramajo Gutierrez 4070
5009 Tablada Park
Cordoba, Argentina