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Whoever possesses God, needs nothing else in life. Calvin Miller


Dearest Saint Ministries friends,

It seems amazing that the year 2004 is so close to finishing!! And, as we say here in Argentina, there’s still a lot of “walking left” to be done!!

I have so much to share, and so much to be grateful for…we have been so blessed, so challenged in so many things I will try to be concise and specific, just to give you a brief idea of what is happening in our whereabouts.

This year we started on a dream with the adolescent group, of preparing a play that could be taken to public schools, and this week “Gryllus” (Cricket in Latin) has played in a high school to about 300 teens. After the play is finished, the kids share their testimony and invite people to accept the Lord. The kids and their director (who wrote the play himself) have worked so hard, so we are delighted that Gryllus is opening its wings. Our son, Ari, is the sound technician. (See photo).

Another thing. The Lord has blessed our congregation with a musician, a choir director, so now we are starting a choir for special events at church. Manuel loves the Lord and is helping people “discover their voices” for the Lord. We are publishing our 5th magazine that is reaching many homes for Christ…we give it out to the community and to different churches and Christian bookstores.

And, as October is our church anniversary (we’ve been slowly building and adding to the church property for seven years), we finally finished putting in the ceiling panels under the tin roof, makes it look so much nicer!! And we are almost finished with 3 bathrooms for ladies, and 3 bathrooms for the guys…So, thank you all for helping us as a family to make this possible!! We also bought 48 more chairs…We had the visit of the international Gideons to our church, sharing of their ministry, and they have given our 100,000 New Testaments out in high schools and other public places in our city.

So…I want to share now about the tremendous visit we had with the Latin America Focus on the Family team who visited us in Cordoba between the 6th and 9th of October. Reed Olson, Yuri Mantilla and Sixto Porras, representing different areas of Focus on the Family, arrived in Cordoba and, praise God, things worked out with many blessings, as they shared on family, education laws in Latin America, abortion, and other very “hot” issues…First of all, Humberto and I have to admit we enjoyed these three men so very much!! They were interesting, caring, fun, and we felt we connected right away with their work…plus we enjoyed some very fine barbecues together!! (We have the best barbecues of the world in Argentina!!).

To sum up the whirlwind activities:
We had a 30 minute visit programmed with the health legislator of our city, and it turned out to almost 3 hours with 6 legislators and several of their aides in the legislate building…actively interested in the material Focus is offering for educational purposes. The Focus team shared their vision, and there was a time of questions and answers. (We ended up having lunch with the head of health program legislator and his wife). We also had an interview with the main secular newspaper, La Voz del Interior, and later a 45 minute program on Christian cable TV…Then, among other things, we had a 3 hour seminar for Christian teachers and professionals, (180 people came), a presentation for pastors and leaders (about 80 came) and finally the 3 hour presentation at our own church building for close to 400 people. All of the attendants received an assortment of materials, CDs, videos and a message of challenge. “We must get out of the saltshaker and affect our community!!” After the seminar with the teachers, several stood up to say, “What can we do now?” resulting in that in two weeks, those who want to do something will be meeting at the same Baptist church where the seminar was held (the Baptist pastor was the first to offer his place for future Focus-related events)…so…we will see what happens!!  Humberto and I will be coordinating these activities between the people here and Focus on the Family in the States.

We have had phone calls and inquiries of people who want to do things for our city…and Focus has offered all their material, all their expertise and we are programming a next visit for 2005. One of the main challenges will be to take Christian material to schools. As you see, we cannot begin to share all we lived these last days, but we are certain you will capture the essence of the Focus visit in our city. We have been so impressed by the spirit of the Focus on the Family ministry, their commitment to spiritual and godly values, and their service to other countries. Remember to pray for this organization, directed by Dr. James Dobson.

So… we are finishing a most blessed year 2004 and much more is ahead. Once again, we are so honored to have you among our friends and partners, and so privileged to be sharing our work with you.

Specific needs:

  • Last improvements for our home U$ 1000
  • A dream we have: to buy a property in the nearby mountains to be used as a retreat and recreation center for the churches in Cordoba. We would need about U$ 10,000 or more to buy something simple with an acre or two about 30 minutes away from our city. We know the Lord will provide in the right timing.

We love you all and appreciate you!!

And, as we are hearing from people in the States, don’t forget to vote!!

Evelyn Saint Jimenez
Gramajo Gutierrez 4070
5009 Tablada Park
Cordoba, Argentina