Month: December Year: 2004

His love has no limit, His grace has no measure.
His power no boundary known unto men;
For out of His infinite riches in Jesus,
He giveth and giveth and giveth again.
Annie Johnson Flint


Dearest Saint Ministries friends,

December in a month most practical to remember friends and family, and to remember the One who gave the greatest gift of all…so it would be wonderful to do the things that are really important…Jesus died for us, not for our busyness, not for  a list of endless things to do! (Lists and plans are really important, but only in the measure of what is eternal, right??) So from this part of the world, thank you and bless you all wonderful friends!!

Humberto and I have been so blessed this year, very busy, and ready to take a few days rest when the kids finish classes (exams take almost til Christmas) and start planning 2005. We could fill the newsletter with endless details and activities, but I don’t plan to!! I do want to share what is in our hearts and what we feel the Lord is guiding us to do in these days.

With the visit of Focus on the Family, an interest has been sparked in different levels, working with teachers concerned on the education agenda, teachers who want to do more for their students, professionals who want to do more in their realm. Focus on the Family left videos and manuals for teens that we will be loaning out to pastors and schools during the next school year. We will be also organizing the June 2005 Fiesta del Espiritu across our church like last year, at the Orfeo stadium, which is quite a big challenge ahead. Our Focus coordinator in Cordoba, Charlie, and his wife Elena (a psychologist) are continuing with the educational area. They spoke to a group of about 100 parents and teachers at a church during November, and have twice a month gatherings for professionals and teachers at a downtown church.

As you will see by the photos, Humberto and I have been team teaching at a Christian school, where many students aren’t Christians, having two seminars, one for parents (see photo of Humberto) and for senior students (a photo with myself) on What is it to be a Person…based on belonging, values and competence from the godly view. The school has asked us to teach once a month to their parents and students, so we are praying we will have a projector and screen by March. With Humberto we have a burden on the family, marriage and teens especially, and we do quite a bit of teaching and ministering in that aspect. We will also be receiving Spanish videos for children from Focus, which will be another area of outreach.

Then you will see the photo of the visit of Steve Berberian (my sister Martha and husband Sam’s son living in Houston) to Argentina during November with his wife Elaine, and four darling daughters, quite a brave handful to travel so far!! We were delighted to spend time with them, sharing, enjoying and visiting our wonderful countryside a bit. A short and sweet visit for certain!

I also want to thank our most efficient (and caring) missions secretary, Lynn, who handles our affairs in the States and mails our newsletters among other responsibilities. She does have a new computer for all this work, which is another thank you to you all!! Thanks, Lynn, for “holding the fort” for us (as Daddy Phil would have said) from the States!!!

Thank you all, dearest friends, for your gifts and prayers for us here in Córdoba. We are blessed to have you close to us, holding up our arms by your support. We could not do this without your wonderful care.

Keep this other little poem in mind for this busy month, taken from Corrie ten Boom’s book, Don’t Wrestle, Just Nestle, that says:

We mutter, we sputter—
We fume and we spurt.
We mumble and grumble—
Our feelings get hurt.

We can’t understand things—
Our vision gets dim.
When all that we need—
Is a moment with Him.

Have a wonderful Christmas, YOU ARE LOVED!!

Humberto and Evelyn Jimenez-Saint

Proyects ahead…

A property for retreats and church-related activities U$ 10,000
Projector U$ 1,000
Portable Screen U$ 400
Used Drum set for students at church U$ 250

(If you have not given this year, how about considering the possibility for 2005?)

Evelyn Saint Jimenez
Gramajo Gutierrez 4070
5009 Tablada Park
Cordoba, Argentina