Month: April Year: 2005

I would like to buy $ 3 worth of God, please, not enough to explode my soul or disturb my sleep, but just enough to equal a cup of warm milk or a snooze in the sunshine…I want ecstasy, not transformation…I want a pound of the Eternal in a paper sack. I would like to buy $ 3 worth of God, please. Wilbur Rees
Most spend their entire life indefinitely preparing to live. Paul Tournier


Dearest friends,

Amazingly enough, Easter has come and gone in early March, and now we are facing another month, yet!! In this part of the world we have entered a wet, humid autumn, with school classes just beginning. But you all are beginning Spring in the US!

As for ourselves, we find ourselves busy in the middle of projects. But as we often remind ourselves, Humberto and I, is that we must “pick our battles”. There is so much to do, so much lies ahead, but it’s not really a matter of speed and plain efficiency, but waiting on the Lord at each road cross…there is so much need around us, but the need must no govern our lives, but the Will of the Lord yes!!

For instance, yesterday, a young married girl called in desperate tears for counseling, and I walked to church (like I said, we live 3 blocks away!) for an hour of counseling. And most time counseling deals with “caring enough to confront” (like a popular Christian book says). Counseling is helping people to see the love of God in action in their lives. This young mother was tempted to quit everything, drop her marriage, to lash out in anger…but now we pray that she may reflect and seek the changes she needs to make in her life. A girl from church started talking about the Lord to her dentist, a grown woman who is getting married, and since then, this dentist and her husband-to-be are having regular marital counseling with either Humberto or myself previous to their marriage. So, as we serve the Lord, we definitely need more that $ 3 worth of God!! Like somebody said, not so much speed but wisdom is needed.

We met a lovely missionary family (with seven children) who are in Argentina on a building program for feeding children at churches who are most gifted with the music. We enjoyed having them minister at our church, sharing testimonies and wonderful music with the congregation. As I am starting what I call a “Sowing group” in my neighborhood with a woman lawyer from church who also lives near, I asked the two older girls to share a family concert in the home of a new neighbor two blocks from home, inviting new people over, and ending the concert with a spiritual reflection. Hannah and Sarah will be playing classical selections in harp and flute. We are excited to see what will happen April 14th!! About 25 people in total are expected. The house hostess is open to the gospel, and regularly comes to our Sowing group.

Our 16 year old daughter, Nathalie, will be starting flute lessons with Sarah, and Hannah will be tutoring Nathalie and Sebastian in English. What a blessing!

This coming Saturday I will also be sharing the monthly breakfast with pastors’ wives, inviting a psychologist to share on the subject of abuse, as to what we as pastors’ wives can do in these difficult situations. I believe as times move on, we need to be as highly trained as possible in our service to the Lord, though it seems there is no end of the learning as the times and troubles multiply! (Over the years, I have been so enriched by so many wonderful Christian books who have taught me so much…if you think you have a book like this you can pass on to us, please drop in an envelope and send them on!)

Humberto and other pastors from the Pastoral Council visited the vice major of Córdoba this past week, with Humberto sharing about the Focus on the Family ministry with him in an hour’s conversation at the City Hall. Alas! Our digital camera is being repaired (hopefully!) at the moment, so no photo is available. We are sharing the video “Sexo, Mentiras y la Verdad” (Sex, Lies and the Truth) of the Focus on the Family ministry to different churches and schools, along with a workbook that is excellent for young people.

This is a year of challenges for us…I would like to once again share some of the burdens of our heart:

  • The possibility of buying an acre or two for a spiritual retreat place near our city, where families, young people, leaders can use for ministerial and recreational purposes. About U$ 10,000 would be needed for a bare minimum. Perhaps your church could adopt this project?
  • U$ 1,000 to build an extra bedroom, as we need more office space for our many materials, books, and projects.
  • Keep David and Edith in your prayers. Their loss has been so great, though they have been strengthened in the Lord. Also pray for my brother Joe and wife Susie and kids, as they are moving to the States this month, to live in Oregon with my other brother (his twin) Jim and Lynn.

We are so blessed and encouraged by your love and care for us during these years!! Thank you for sharing so much with us here in Córdoba!

Evelyn Saint Jiménez