Month: June Year: 2005

Four propositions touching this heritage of joy which God has set before us:

  1. You will get nothing unless you go after it.
  2. You may have as much as you insist upon having.
  3. You will have as little as you are satisfied with.
  4. You now have as much as you really want. Every man is as close to God as he wants to be; he is holy and as full of the Spirit as he wills to be. Meister Eckhart writes also: “God’s gifts are meted out according to the taker, not according to the giver.” Did we enjoy God’s gifts according to the giver there would be no spiritual poverty among us, for surely there is no lack in God.

AW Tozer “That Incredible Christian”


Dearest friends,
            I have wanted to share these brief points, as they have been deeply impacting my life…how much do I really want of God and how much am I willing to seek, pray and desire?? Abraham Lincoln wrote about the idea that one is as happy as he proposes to be, and I could say…we are as spiritual as we desire to be. The problem is not in the giver!!! (So, how about checking into the mirror??)
            And that is so true. These last days we were specially busy, with the washing machine falling apart, a leak that for several days flooded my kitchen, a flu (for me to enjoy!) and several teaching commitments…and you know how it is, no voice, no speaking! But we traveled to a town in our lovely sierras to share with about 40 country pastors and wives and my voice lasted enough to share about the pastor and his family. Humberto shared on the mission/vision strategy for leaders, and then we all had a homemade lunch provided by ex-drug addicts in the same center. Then that same evening, I had to teach again in the city with Humberto on marriage for about 4 hours (arrived home around 11 pm) to about 50 couples…then of course, Sunday morning service for both of us!!  Then we had a baptism for about 8 people (think of this, cold cold water!! No central heating like in the States!) in the small canvas pool we set up in church but the next day, Humberto had back trouble for lifting the wet (heavy people!) out of the water…. Then, as our church Sunday evenings are free, (Humberto often speaks at other churches) we visited a church to speak on the family to a congregation of about 300 people.  So we were both trying to rest up between commitments. A woman baptized that morning teased me later, saying, “I got into the cold water, but you caught the flu!” So as you see, not everything is so glamorous, right?? I could write a book on incidents that happen going to, returning from and being in activity for the Lord!! (Like the time my husband accidentally- absentmindedly- booked two meetings for couples the same night…I’ll write about that some other time, but we did have to run from one point of the city to another!) And the time one of our kids spilled over a jar of marbles while his daddy was teaching at a Bible Institute…but one thing I do know, hanging on the sense of humor makes sense!! If one is always so serious and proper, you can lose so much joy on the way…so I’ve learned.
            And this weekend I’m off with a group of 50 women for a retreat, arriving back during the morning service to share our testimonies straight from the retreat, which makes it so special and fresh. Last month the men went on retreat, and arrived straight to the meeting where we as the rest of the congregation were, they had the worship leader play a happy marching chorus halfway during the meeting, and they all marched in, waving and singing, and stood in the front of the church (all this is planned, of course!!) and then shared their testimonies. Believe me, there wasn’t a dry eye in the church that morning!
            Among other things, Humberto and I have been asked to write a monthly column about the family in a newspaper produced by the city hall, as the editor is a Christian…
            Last newsletter I wrote about a musical night we programmed with some talented missionary girls, playing the harp, the flute, and even a son played the cello…We organized this small event in the home of a lady open to the gospel, and the idea was not to pack it with Christians, but inviting new people…so, we were 27 people that night, 20 new people!! After the musical moment, a visiting missionary friend, Jill, shared a brief testimony and I translated. The people later expressed how they had been blessed by the whole atmosphere of this event. We felt blessed! So we are organizing another activity later on, with the same idea in mind. But with the ladies interested, I started a group in the same home of the musical event, where every two weeks I’m teaching on the Thinking Spiritual Woman to about 10 women that come and go…this is what Humberto and I call sowing the Word. It is quite a challenge, as they know nothing about the gospel!! We are praying that a men’s group may be formed for this same purpose eventually.
            So…I have been rambling in this newsletter, but I am so glad to write and share these things with us…your prayers and gifts make these things possible! We cherish your love and generosity to us during these years!
            May the Lord richly bless you!

  • We continue to pray about the possibility of buying an acre or two for a spiritual retreat place near our city, where families, young people, leaders can use for ministerial and recreational purposes, not only for our church, but for many other churches. About U$ 10,000 would be needed for a bare minimum. If you are interested in specifically giving towards this need, please drop us a note indicating so. Thank you!!
  • Nathalie starts orthodoncy on her teeth this month, a total of U$ 800.
  • We are praying and planning a possible trip to the States during next July/August 2005 for about three weeks. We last traveled to the States in 1998 as a family, and now we are considering it’s time to go and visit again, to teach, speak, visit family. Please complete the form included in the newsletter if you feel led to do so, as to know if you would like the possibility of our visit, and send it to our mission office in the States or directly send us an email to Argentina. Thanks! Then I would be getting in touch with you. (We understand that summer in the States is not the best time for many of you, but it is the only available time for us to go as a family.) We are glad to be useful as the Lord leads, whether to just visit, preach at a church, teach at home group, speak to young people, radio programs (English or Spanish language available, of course), etc.