Month: February Year: 2007

In proportion to the size of the vessel of faith, brought to us by the Lord, is the measure we draw out of His overflowing grace. Cyprian


Dearest friends,
            We have enjoyed a very busy (hot, muggy and rainy) summer… organizing retreats for all the age groups of the congregation, speaking at different other places, teaching at youth retreats and preparing our 2007 agenda.
As you can see in the photo below, we had a group of 19 young people from Austria, Paraguay, Bolivia, and one Argentine girl who were assigned to our congregation for a missionary practice after the missionary (CIMA) conference in which Humberto and I spoke to leaders and pastors, and where Ari also worked in the multimedia section.

            So, we improvised shower heads, mattresses and some comfort for these enthusiastic kids who stayed at the church building for over a week, willing to do whatever was useful for the Lord… so they visited about 2,000 homes giving out an invitation and a message, they painted walls, they held an open air campaign for children (with over 100 present in a next-door neighborhood), they taught mime, and held a musical program in front of a large mall near the church building, in which five Austrian sisters sang “European” style, and three Bolivian boys played and sang along with native Latin instruments, “local” style… and joined in Sundays with our worship team…
I enjoyed the mix of so many different instruments, all praising the Lord… native flutes, guitar, violin, clarinet, keyboard, “bongoes” and the small banjo-type guitar that is typical from Bolivia and Peru called “charango”(among others)… which made me think of how the Lord sees us all, from all kinds of  backgrounds, cultures, but one in the Lord. (Needless to say, Humberto’s heart was especially touched with the native style worship songs, all part of his Peruvian roots. He is sitting to the bottom left of the photo).
            We are also working on planning a Forum for Christian Educators, (April 14th) in which we will be gathering all the Christian teachers in our city to organize a network of information and projects.
Focus on the Family has sent us a new material in Spanish, called “Sin Excusas” (Without Excuses) (¡Gracias, Sixto!) which will be also be presented at this Forum. Pray for us especially in this area, as it involves a step towards making a difference in the education in our country. We are working alongside the Cordoba Pastoral Council and with ACIERA (the national alliance of Christian churches). A small step for a man but…!! Pray for Charlie, the coordinator of this event, who is organizing all the social and educational material for this event.
            We are also preparing a special event for Easter. A gifted opera singer, Manuela, from our congregation is organizing what we have called a “Multimedia Cantata”, in which she has written her own music with an Easter message combined with visual effects, open to our community. Many more things could be written, but “nuff said” for now!
            Again, as a reminder, we are now part of CMM ministries, so any gifts sent to us should be marked “Humberto and Evelyn Jimenez Saint” on the envelope, and have the check made out to CMM. Our dear new friends of CMM will be continuing with our mission office.
As the quote above challenges us, Let the grace flow…a lot! May the Lord richly bless you!!

Specific requests:

  1. Change our 1998 Ford Escort car for a newer model (U$ 5000)
  2. Produce a series of Biblical teachings in workbooks.
  3. A digital video camera for Ari (U$ 1,200). He is planning to produce Christian audio-visual material.

For any prayer requests or information, write to:
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