Month: October Year: 2007
Not what we have, but what we enjoy,
constitutes our abundance. Anonymous

Dear friends,

            Once again a year is flying by, amazing us all by its speed and relentlessness! Yet once again we can praise the Lord for another year, in which each of us as children of God have grown, blessed, shared and reached out to many people. In times like these, each moment is precious and valuable, that in each day we may show our love and kindness to those around us.
            Here in Argentina we continue to serve the Lord as He allows us: always amazed at His goodness and mercy to us as a family, as pastors, teachers, writers…
            Our son Ariel, 23, has already made a contract to work on a 3D educational movie for Spain, along with a team of fellow professionals, starting March. He also not only serves the Lord in our local church, but is involved with the organization of Christian events (he worked with Bible Societies to bring Funky, a hip hop musician, to Cordoba, to a stadium for 3,000 young people this November), and is also active in several youth organizations. He is very creative and enjoys producing audiovisual material for Christian activities. He also plays the bass guitar.
            Nathalie, 18, is graduating from high school and concentrating on what she loves most: fashion design. She is preparing to present her first three designs in a fashion show this December. So… she’s active in the youth group and always helps out with the props and sets for the plays the church produces. (Next year, with our next visit of our friends Colin and Judith we will be organizing a beauty day with a challenge for women; I’m sure Nathalie will add her own designs and include a fashion show then… like she says: “For normal women”.
            Sebastian, almost 16, is taller than his parents now, and catching up with his older brother. He loves tennis, hip hop, and plays the guitar with the worship team. He is a gifted helper, loves to do things and work hard!
            Humberto and I continue to pastor, teach, train and serve as the Lord allows us.
            So, as you can see, we are grateful and encouraged as a family to continue in this part of the world as He leads.
            As for the year 2008 we have a few challenges that we would like to share with you, praying that perhaps you may consider sharing with us:

If you are already a giver to our ministry, we are delighted to count on you!
If you would like to share financially with us for the first time, that would be awesome !

            These are some of our present needs:
1. Change our 98 Ford to a newer model (we have part of the money to make the change within a few months). U$ 3,000
2. Build three classrooms in our church building (U$ 1,000)
3. Finish a roof on our home “activity center” (U$ 1,500).

  1. And last but not least is a desire we have had on our hearts for several years now: to buy a small country property that may be used for small retreats, and mostly to be used for pastors and their families that need rest and quiet, free of charge. Checking around, we would be able to buy something very basic in a country town 20 minutes away from our Cordoba city, for U$ 16,000. (If 16 donors would give U$ 1,000, or 32 donors U$ 500… well, you know the rest of the figures!).

This house below, for instance, costs that amount.


            Should you feel like contributing towards this property, please enclose a note along with your gift indicating this.
(Remember to make the check out to CMM, but make the envelope out to CMM/ Argentina, and add a note inside if you so wish).
            And for all of you, have a wonderfully blessed Christmas!
            Emmanuel, God with us.


For any prayer requests or information, write to:
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