Month: January Year: 2008
Our life is a gift from God. What we do with our life is our gift to God. Unknown

Dearest friends!
            Just a short note from this (very hot and muggy!) part of the world, including you a photo of our famous Iguazú Falls, in the NE of Argentina, bordering Paraguay and Brazil. We went there on a four day vacation trip, and enjoyed the greatness of God’s creation… wonderful, awesome!! Enjoy the photo with me…
            Then I celebrated my 49th birthday on February 12th, (yes, Lincoln’s birthday also!) with friends and thanking God for the years He has blessed me and kept me going. Many milestones and many kilometers along the way.
            2008 is opening with a bang! Many projects are turning up as we begin our year in this part of the world, our Bible Institute starts in March, and we are opening special classes for young people also. Our music school will start its annual classes in April, and praise the Lord, we have a gifted musician and singer as our new director. We are planning our annual Easter program, again with a musical presentation. Our three new classrooms will be ready by then.
            We will be teaching at our local Bible college, 4th year, on Communications. (If you remember, both Humberto and I finished a degree in journalism, so it will be great to share this class with the students). We are also being invited to be part of a mission school organization functioning here in Cordoba with about 40 students preparing for the mission field, so we will see how we can be helpful in this area.
            A friend from a neighboring town is organizing an event for the woman’s international day, March 8th, inviting over 200 local ladies, and I will be one of the two speakers, the other speaker will be the major of that town (with whom Humberto and I shared the gospel over two weeks ago: we also prayed together that night, meeting through a mutual friend).
            One last thing before I close this newsletter, a prayer request included:
A friend of ours from our youth days has been elected to be part of the present government staff: he is head of the area of small businesses of the province. He has called a group of several friends to be part of a project that will be outreaching the city of Cordoba through eight “nodes” that will be providing medical and social assistance, work projects and such, through eight congregations located strategically in needy parts of the city. Last week a group of about 70 pastors of the city met with the provincial government staff, and we also met with the governor’s wife, who is heading the social help for our province, among others. Tomorrow we have another meeting with them to organize these eight places to receive aid for the people. (Even though Argentina is slowly growing, we are coming out of many years of depression, poverty and joblessness). So, there is much to be done, and I am working with the team that is organizing what will be happening in these days. It is a great opportunity and a great responsibility for the Christian church here in Cordoba, so your prayers are most welcome!!
As you can see, work is plentiful, and your prayers and your gifts are greatly needed and appreciated!!


  1. We are still praying to make the car change within a few months (U$ 3,000) , and also to finish a roof on our home “activity center”. U$ 1,000
  2. We are presently building the 3 classrooms needed at our church building for classes that start in March (music, children, Bible teaching and others).
  3. A newer bass guitar for Ari U$ 500.

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