Month: September Year: 2009

Nothing can make our life, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness. 
Leo Tolstoy 


Dearest friends,
We are leaving behind a cold winter with complications due to the flu situation, but now things are gradually going back to normal, whatever “normal” may mean in Argentina! But so blessed with a wonderful move of God these days, and grateful to be part of what God is doing in this part of the world.
As to the government projects, 45 churches are receiving musical instruments, computers, hair dressing equipment, sports elements, etc. with which to serve the community. We received musical equipment that will enhance our worship, our music classes and events and such. A great blessing! The four Christian schools were blessed with 8 updated computers.
We traveled to Uruguay to minister to a group of 40 leaders, (see photo with the President of the Uruguayan organization and his wife and the photo below) and sharing with Humberto on principles of leadership, a block away from the lovely beach there, but very cold, camp style!! Then we had a week’s vacation with another family of pastors and friends, enjoying rest and wonderful scenery.
Something most interesting has also turned up… through a pastor friend, we were offered the visit and concert of the Banda Sinfónica de la Provincia de Córdoba for September 12th , in our church building, in which we are inviting the whole community to come and share with us that evening. This is the second time the Band of over 60 musicians will be in an evangelical church at no cost!! And then we discovered that the director is a (Brazilean) Christian, wonderful!
Then we are also involved organizing a project to work with men who come out of prison, in training them for jobs and also through a spiritual chaplainry. (If you have information in this area, we need material and advice). Another wonderful thing: there is a famous prison section in a large prison in Buenos Aires, called Olmos, which holds men who have become Christians, and it has become a model prison, even in the world! There are no doors on the rooms (only curtains) and the men are allowed to have tools to work with and learn a trade, which does not happen in an average prison. What is interesting, is that a secular documentary film was produced about this ministry, and will be held in different cinemas over the country, sharing the witness of this wonderful work! Ari and I met with the producer and the chaplain of the Olmos prison, so we are learning quite a bit about how they function and how God is reaching these people.
I wrote to you before about a youth group being held in the home of a lady from church, a hair dresser who loves the Lord and is passionate about reaching the young people in her neighborhood, where there are many addictions and violence. She was gathering 30 young people in her home, in a crowded living room… but through the government we have been offered a “centro vecinal”, a civic center in which to hold these meetings in a large comfortable setting right in the same neighborhood.. with room for more than 100 people!
And Harvest Evangelism has confirmed its annual conference in the city of Córdoba this year, for the first time, in October, to train and encourage several thousand pastors and leaders of our country in that event, with preachers such as Cindy Jacobs, David Thompson and Edgardo Silvoso, among others, and we are also active in its preparation. If you wish, check into this web side of Harvest and listen to the prophetic word of Cindy Jacobs in (it is bilingual, a very encouraging word!)
With Humberto we also taught a marriage seminar in August, to about 25 couples, on subjects like communication and restoration. Then I also team-translated with my brother David to a group of short term missionaries of Missionary Ventures, on forgiveness, healing and such, a lovely time with these brothers and sisters that come to work with a great heart for people, to build and be useful to needy congregations here.
So… we ask the Lord for strength and wisdom in the midst of such busy times, in which the Lord is opening doors like never before!

Be blessed!