Month: February Year: 2010

Out of the will of God there is no such thing as success; in the will of God there is no such thing as failure.
David Amstutz


 Dearest friends,
The quote makes one wonder, is there such thing as failure? Is it just my perspective and consideration? But what is true is that when we seek to be in the will of God, things turn out to be a blessing, no matter what success or failure may seem to others or even to ourselves!
So… it is comforting to know that God works out His ways in us.
We have had a summer of extremely dry spells, and then floods and heavy rains… We spent Christmas and New Year’s with friends and family, then we went for a week to Lake Valley Conference Center as invited guests! Humberto preached most nights, and Ari and I shared a night apiece also, and our kids “worked” for their week by being the musicians. It was a great time. One on night, the film Dad made years ago, “I saw the Aucas pray” (in Spanish), was shown to all the guests, and it was great… most people were reminded once again of the missionary story. Then I shared a few words afterwards, talking about Dad’s calling to Argentina. Back at home, even though in summer things are slower, we kept busy in activities. We had a 5 night prayer and fasting meetings, praying each night for different things like finances, health, family, work and projects.
At the end of January, a group of about 80 young people went on their annual summer retreat, with a special guest speaker and organized games and sports activities during the day. Ten new young people received a scholarship to attend, as they are part of our outreach in the Argüello neighborhood, which is a place heavy with drugs and alcohol and such.
A group of 8 Bolivian musicians, who had been at our church for lodging and missionary work three years ago, arrived again for another week. And of course, we put them to work! We organized a musical outreach in a large plaza, and also added some rap music also! About 150 people gathered to listen, plus others watching from their homes nearby! The rap music was very nice, and the Bolivian group played some wonderful music with their native instruments, which, if you remember, are very lively, mostly wind instruments of all sorts. (See us at the right of the photo!)


The neighborhood association loaned us a small trailer with wheels, as you can see in the next photo, and played from there. You can see a group praying for those needing prayer, at the end of the event, around midnight.
And so we are believing God for great things. Not great perhaps in quantities, or impressive things, but in doing what is right: doing each day what we believe should be done.
Ari is gradually growing in his freelance work, Nathalie finished Fashion Design but will study hairdressing and makeup this year… She enjoys offering her services for free to the ladies she knows to get experience! Sebastian starts the university in March, to study business administration.
On a Sunday, one of the hottest summer days, we had a baptism of 14 people, half were adolescents and young people, a wonderful time of celebration and joy! Humberto asked the dads of the kids to be baptized to be part of the ceremony, along with him as pastor, and it was such a special time for the kids. (If they didn’t have parents, we had an adopted “godfather” step in to bless them). And of course, after each is baptized, they are prayed for and blessed prophetically also. (H is at the right). We also have the tradition that each person baptized carries a sign that says “Beloved, accepted and approved”.
I also celebrated my 51st birthday at home with close friends.

PTL report: A special gift this month is enabling me to update my 1998 computer!
Another PTL report! Ari has his new bass guitar!
So we are so grateful, thank you for being part of our missionary work in Argentina!


PS If you can’t see the photos, please check into our web site!