Month: April Year: 2011

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. Anonymous


Córdoba, April/May 2011

Dearest friends,
During our trip to the States I shared the quote above, especially meaningful for missions. In mission work, that is exactly what we do, whether by donating to missions or doing missions! And “doing missions” is part of our everyday lives, not only travelling to foreign countries! We all can plant trees that will provide shade and comfort and enjoyment for others… which is the true meaning of the gospel of Christ.
            We have just returned from a hugely blessed missionary trip to the States, three intense weeks of visiting, travelling, speaking, meeting with wonderful people! On this trip I had the joy of meeting with three cousins for the first time, my cousin Mark in Key Largo, my cousin Betsy in Miami, and my cousin Steve in Ocala! An amazing fellowship which I will always cherish! In the photo we are with cousins Steve and Ginny Saint (of End of the Spear).
            Then of course, with our car rental, we travelled over 4,000 miles, visiting Latin churches in Orlando, Atlanta and Charlotte, NC, where we shared in Spanish. In the photo Humberto is preaching in Spanish in Atlanta.
            Then we had our mission conference with our new Globe family in Pensacola, where we were able to fellowship with over 50 missionaries from all parts of the world, and of course, meet with Doug Gehman, Globe President, and his wife Beth, who were such gracious hosts during that time. We enjoyed being part of the missions presentation at Charity Church, Pensacola, (thanks, Pastor Collins and dear Linda, for having such a heart for missions), then visiting Liberty Church, Pensacola for both a missionary presentation and also an exciting musical of the prodigal son. The flag presentation was held at Charity. Humberto and I are on the left with the Argentine flag.
            We finished the conference with a thanksgiving luncheon with everybody, where I unexpectedly met with Maggie Register, a missionary and speaker to Chile and Paraguay, who had also met my Dad, Phil Saint, with whom they started a television ministry in Paraguay, years ago…. And also amazing was the popping up of the words “divine encounter”, in different people, which Humberto and I took as our personal motto during this time. Many people were part of our divine encounters, opening their homes, taking us out to eat, and most of us, being gracious in their hospitality and love
            We also enjoyed the hospitality of Jorge Parrott, missions director at MorningStar, at Charlotte, NC, at the Heritage Center, meeting missionary students as also Rick Joyner, the head of MorningStar.
            We ended our trip at Birmingham, ALA, at Liberty Church. I was invited to share my missionary story with coffee and desert Saturday evening, and then on Sunday, as part of a missions conference, Humberto and I shared Sunday morning at the service. Sebastian, our son 19, was a welcome companion during that time, acting as translator, GPS supervisor and luggage handler! (The GPS is such a great tool for travelling, makes it easier on us visitors to the States!) We specially want to thank Darline and John, our wonderful hosts during those days! A special thanks to Pastors Tommy and Bruce for welcoming us. And of course, so many more during the trip will be remembered with appreciation!
            And then… our drive back to Miami, where we flew back and arrived home April 20th, safe, tired but happy. Ari and Nathalie kept the home fort well in our absence!
            On Friday we attended the wedding of a pastor’s son, our friend, and then on Saturday a wedding at our own congregation, with 200 people present at a neighbouring park for the ceremony, and then the celebration at the church building… almost half of the guests were hearing about Christ for the first time also!
            We are grateful that the car rental expenses were paid, and that we also brought a laptop for our son Ari, who needed this extra tool for his creative work, especially for his university radio program, which is held at different locations in the city!
            So, we are back home, full of wonderful memories and new friends, for whom we are so grateful! As we are also grateful for those in the States who have also shared with our mission work over the years! We love you all, and appreciate your love for the Lord. (Oh, and check into our mission website for more photos of our trip, friends and activities!)

Be blessed!